Privacy Policy

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Our app, Popularity Game for Facebook, does not need any permissions.

Google AdMob
We occasionally display ads provided by Google AdMob to finance this project. You have the option to disable personalized ads by visiting "Block certain ads". Please visit the following link to get more information on the privacy policy of Google: Google Privacy Policy

Google Firebase
We use Google Firebase to collect usage information to improve the app. The features we use (or want to use in the future) are:

Analytics: to collect information on user behavior to improve the usage and feeling of the app.

Remote Config: to dynamically change the functionality of the app without providing full updates (like colors and how frequent ads are shown).

AdMob: to collect more precise data on ad behavior and to perform A/B tests.

Notifications: to provide notifications on devices.

To get more information on the privacy policy of Firebase, please visit this and "HOW GOOGLE USES INFORMATION FROM SITES OR APPS THAT USE OUR SERVICES". For more information on Googles privacy policy, visit this website.